Skin Tips From Jennifer Garner's Aesthetician

In the latest issue of NewBeauty magazine, actress Jennifer Garner shared some of her best beauty tips and how she stays in shape. She also said that she trusts her skin to only one facialist: celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy. That's why we sat down with the skin care expert to find out what she does to make the faces of her celebrity clients like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson and Isla Fisher look smooth and youthful. Watch the video to find out her tips so you can have beautiful, glowing skin too!

  • Chanel
    Posted on

    Do you know any good useful makeup products or natural products that will help reduce red blotches in my skin? Also I'm mixed raced with dark colour skin however I have a range of different dark shades on my face I was wondering if you would know what I could use to make it all one colour? Finally I'm wanting to know if almond oil and olive oil would be healthy for me if I use it on my face,I'm also not allergic to it. Thanks:)

  • rachel
    Posted on

    What do you recommend for people with peri oral dermatitis? I've been told not to use retin a and am looking for an alternative anti aging product.

  • Posted on

    One very important thing to understand is that we all have own individual needs when it comes to skincare, and each skin reacts very differently to products and procedures. With that being said, all skin types need a very good cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, SPF and at night a good retin-a cant hurt. All Patients need to understand the importance of proper home care. You can have every procedure we offer in our offices but at home is where you are going to continue the process and maintain the results from in office procedures. You dont need a lot of things to achieve glowing healthy skin but you do need to follow a regimen, and stay out of the sun and use proper SPF all year around. Depending on your skin type and condition is what will determine what procedures / and home care regimen is best for you. Consult with a skincare professional and not just order a product online because a set celebrity is using it.