How to Fix Bad Hair Color

Bad hair color has happened to the best of us. Whether there was miscommunication with your stylist or you gave yourself a bad dye job at home, there are easy ways to fix the problem, so don't pull your hair out just yet. We brought in world renowned celebrity hair colorist Beth Minardi, who has colored the hair of celebrities like Rene Russo, Uma Thurman and Julianne Moore, to tell us what to do when bad hair color strikes. Watch this video for her expert tips.

  • Ann
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    I color my own hair and often find the blond colors I use come out with a reddish hue if not left on long enough. So I resort to purple correcting rinses sometime. Would love a product that's gentle enough to do 1 step lift and color but not dry my hair. Thank God for Moroccan oil, which gives some sheen back to my hair.

  • James
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    You cannot just "try red shades", do you have any idea how to remove red tint from hair? Also, if you do not leave the color on long enough, your result will be a waste of your time and off to the salon for a time consuming and worse, EXPENSIVE, color correction. Leave the color, especially reds, to the people who know which one is best for you, how to process it correctly, and save the integrity of your hair and the money in your wallet.

  • hello it's me
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    If you're doing your own color, and you are trying red shades, Garnier Nutrisse has the best ones and an amazing selection. Just don't start experimenting with anything too dark, don't leave it on for too long, and realize you may not get the full effect until the second time you color. Also don't ever freak out! Reds calm down after about 6 or 8 shampoos. Have fun! There's a red for everyone!