3 Face Masks That Fight Wrinkles

We love beauty products that not only help us feel pampered, but also offer up ingredients to help us stop the signs of aging on our skin. After all, there's no better way to fight wrinkles than with a little rest and relaxation, right? That's why we like the three face masks featured in this video. All feel great going on and leave your skin glowing and nurtured. Take a look and let us know which face masks you love in the comments!

  • Diana
    Posted on

    I use Glamglow and it is magic in a jar! I swear by it!

  • Lani702
    Posted on

    I've use bella semplice and have honestly found much cheaper products that work just as good. Honestly Eminence strawberry and their green masks are Fantastic and worth the price. I may try glamglow, but I wouldn't spend 280 bucks for the other mask because you can get a hydrafacial for $115 that does WONDERS when you have a Great aesthetic person like myself.

  • stacey
    Posted on

    I've read great things about glam glow - can't wait to try it!