5 Unexpected Tips That Will Give You a Much Better Shave

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‘Tis the season of swimsuits and skirts, and, therefore, shaving is of the utmost importance. As sleek as a clean shave makes you feel, we all know just how frustrating it can be to achieve. It seems as though before the shaving cuts and irritation can even heal, you’re grabbing your razor again to shave the hair that practically grew back overnight. But fear not, because we consulted dermatologist Jody Levine, MD, and are sharing with you five unexpected tips that will take your shave to another level. 

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Ease Up On That Pressure

Feeling the need to press harder when shaving is actually a sign that it’s time for a new razor. In fact, Dr. Levine explains that you should only need to gently shave over each area once—otherwise, you could damage your skin. “Putting too much pressure can cause nicks, cuts and irritation. Make sure to use fresh blades with a high-quality razor system like Venus Swirl.”

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Exfoliate In Advance

It’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin the day before you shave so that you remove dead skin cells and can bring the hair closer to the surface, providing for a more thorough shave. Dr. Levine suggests, “Begin with the ankles and work upward in a circular motion to remove oils that are sitting on the skin’s surface, allowing your razor to get as close as possible.”

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Soak Before You Snatch Your Razor

“Soak or bathe your skin for 2–3 minutes before shaving with warm water to open up your pores,” explains Dr. Levine. By doing so, you rinse off your body’s oils and hydrate the hair, which allows for an easier, smoother shave that will leave you feeling satisfied.

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Moisturize Immediately

Dr. Levine says that the best time to apply moisturizer after shaving is while your body is still damp. “This will keep your skin smooth and your hair soft, and will reduce how often you need to shave.” Who knew moisturizer was such a saving grace in the world of shaving?

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Cold Water Is Your Shaving Cut Solution

The worst part about shaving is the pesky nicks that just won’t stop bleeding. Luckily, Dr. Levine has a simple answer to help calm down these shaving cut calamities: Splash cold water on them. “This natural remedy works because the cold water will cause your blood vessels to constrict, causing the flow of blood to slow and eventually clot. For even faster results, you can rub an ice cube on the cut.” Just don’t forget to wash the wounded area and put on an antibiotic ointment to keep it clean and get it back to shape in no time. 

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