What Is A Thigh Lift

In most women, fat is found throughout the thighs, specifically the inner and outer thighs, the saddlebags and the hips. Some women have fat deposits only on the outer edges of the thighs, while others have fat bulges on the inside.

The thighs and hips specifically contain large amounts of the enzyme lipase, which causes these areas to store fat quickly. This may be why the thighs and hips are two areas that seem especially resistant to diet and exercise. If you're unhappy with the appearance of your thighs, you may want to consider a thigh lift.

A thigh lift will remove excess skin and fat from your thighs. The incisions often leave scars at the hip, which fade over time and can be hidden by a bathing suit. However, many thigh lift patients say the scars are a fair trade-off to the improvement in their body shape.

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