Make a gummy smile look gorgeous

So, your teeth are straight and white, but you still feel like something's stopping your smile from being its most beautiful. Have you considered it may be the amount of gum showing when you grin?

In general, cosmetic dentists say that you should have barely any pink showing above your teeth when you smile. If you have a gummy smile, your dentist can correct it with laser gum recontouring. This involves removing extra gum tissue and repositioning the gum line.

Safe and stitch-free, the procedure takes less than an hour per arch, rarely causes swelling, and yields immediate, permanent results with minimal downtime.

Best of all, it requires only topical anesthesia to numb the gums instead of an injection. If anesthesia were injected, it would cause the gums to swell and distort the way the they look, making the procedure harder to perform.

The result: short teeth appear longer, and your smile will look more balanced.

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