How Your Nose Can Make Other Features Look Older

The nose is what most people first notice about the face. “It can provide facial balance and a cohesive blending between features, but the nose can distract from some features and throw off the harmony of the face if it’s too large or too small,” says Dr. Naderi. Because the nose is central to the face, it affects how the other features are integrated, and if they are not symmetrical as a whole, it could create the illusion of an aged appearance. Ideally, the nose should not distract attention away from the eyes or lips but rather draw interest to those features and fade into the background of the face.”

In order for your nose look youthful and defy an aged appearance, it should:

1. Point Upward Ever So Slightly 
Noses that point up just a bit are associated with a younger look, but you don’t want too much nostril to show.

2. Be Smooth
The bridge of the nose should be straight and smooth so that the profile view matches the front view. It shouldn’t lack projection, otherwise it will lack depth.

3. Be The Right Width
When the nose is too wide, it can detract from other features, like the cheeks. If the width of the nose encompasses too much space, other features can look poorly defined  

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