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Hair-Loss Treatment


Average Cost: $2,500–$10,000

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Increased hair loss after hair restoration surgery

Anonymous Reader said

After my hair plant surgery i finally felt like i would look my age. unfortunatley, the areas where the hair was transplanted grew in as they should have but some patches around the area apparetntly were damaged in the process and now that hair is falling out. I now have more obvious patches where i experience hair loss rather than the normal, small areas where most older men begin to bald. i am extremely disastisfied with my results and will probably have to pay for several more surgeries to get those spots back to normal. Ask you doctor about the possible side-effects and type of transplant he or she will be administering before following through. You might save yourself the time and money.

Hair transplant boosted my confidence

Marissa D. said

I began to experience hair loss after a terrible accident in my young age that left a large scar on my scalp. It affected my life in many different ways, especially when it came to confidence with men.  For my 30th birthday i finally decided to have a hair transplant to area and I couldnt be happier. there really wasnt any pain after the surgery except maybe for the first couple of days (more unconfortable sleeping than painful really) but it was worth it. I dont know why I waited so long but nobody would ever know i once had a large bald spot or an accident at all!

hair restoration saved me

Henry A. said

i had alopecis areta when i was younger and im 22 now so it was a veery exciting time for me when i found out about hair restoration surgery. my problems were solved!

Slow process but amazing results

Peter C. said

 i believe my hair loss was hereditary but none the less i had to do something about it.Its been one year since my hair transplants to the area just above my forhead and although it has been a slow process for it to come in completely, i look entirely different than I did a year ago. It has been worth waiting the 12 months to look my age (not my grandfathers age!)


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