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Wow! What A Difference A Day Makes!

Cost: NO CHARGE! in CT area

Mr. New Face said

My ophthalmologist said my peripheral vision was shot but the good news was that he got my health insurance to pay the entire cost of my eyelift! So now I'm 53 with a refreshed face paid in full by my health insurance. Whew! Good thing I got it in before Obamacare destroys healthcare.

I delayed a facelift with a blepharoplasty

Jennifer P. said

I had my eyes done and it was by far, the best thing I have ever done. nobody could tell why i looked so different and revived. and i know Ive definitely  delayed the need for a facelift.

Ruined the shape of my eyes

Anonymous Reader said

a well-known, respected surgeon did my surgery and he botched my eyes. completely changed the shape. I have regretted it for years and just wish i had my natural eyes back.

I highly recommend this procedure

Nancy L. said

I had naturally puffy eyes so decided to have a blepharoplasty. it was easy and i had minimal brusiing. Nobdoy even knew I had a surgery but noticed that I looked so much better and more well rested. great procedure.

Eyes were a bit closed

Anonymous Reader said

I had  surgery to fix my eye which was slightly more closed than the other. its amazing what the surgeon was able to do

Know what to expect!

Robin A. said

I had an upper and lower bleph done. I loved my surgeon and would probably do it again.  find a good surgeon whad a lot of experience and you can be happy too!

Do your homework

Lynn Hurley said

I had my eyes done and it has been a nightmare. I ended up neding several revision surgeries to reconstruct the area. I do believe there are great doctors out there  who can give you great results so make sure you choose the right one.

Eyelid surgery for facial rejuvenation

Christina H. said

Eyelid surgery is a great place to start if you want to make your face look completley rejuvinated with the least amont of invasive surgery. No one really knew why i looked so rested since the last time they saw me!!! My recommendation is to with an 'oculoplastic' surgeon. I am thrilled and my eyes still look great in my 50s!

You might need more than a blepharoplasty

Kara H. said

 if a blepharoplasty is what you need go to a specialist! but I originally thought i only needed my eyes done but after a plastic surgeon made me realize i would also want an brow lift to acheive a naturally refreshed look. I went to  a facial plastic surgeon who was able to address my entire face, not just my eyes. i honestly couldnt be happier with the outcome. 

a great procedure

Cost: No cost! in Philadelphia, PA area

Linda L. said

I was tired of looking tired so decided on an upper and lower blepharoplasty procedure. Although my doctor didn't think I needed my upper-lids done I decided I want to both lift my lids and get rid of my puffy under-eyes by removing some of the fat. My recovery time was just under 10 days and despite some bruising, my recovery was quick and easy. I had this procedure 10 yeas ago and I am still reaping the benefits! 

Eye surgery at 45, Now 65 and couldn't look better

Heidi J. said

I had  a blepharoplasty on my lower and upper eyelids in my 40s bc my eyes were drooping. it was the best thing I ever done for myself and still look like im in my 40s even though im practically 20 years older! I have my doctor to thank for allowing me to stay looking young even in my old age! 

Leaves terrible scars

Brittany R. said

Do extensive research before considering an eyelift. it left me with scar indentations and ridges from scar tissue. i had to have  multiple procedures afterwards to correct scaring and to tighten my skin.

Don't be discouraged! results are amazing

Pauline W. said

  It has been about a month since my upper bleph surgery and I am extremely pleased. My eyelids were saggy and this  surgery has already made me look more awake and in such a short time span! The first days were  tough but the swelling quickly went down and im already looking back to my oldself but in a refreshed way!


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