Pulsed Dye Lasers

A perfect treatment for a ruddy complexion or post-acne redness is to use pulsed dye lasers like VBeam or Cynergy, nonablative lasers.

How it works: Treats the blood vessels directly to shrink them, making the skin less red. To prevent post-treatment redness, Chicago dermatologist Rebecca Tung, MD, almost always has patients take an antihistamine, like Claritin, before each session. “It helps calm the skin and decrease that histamine response,” she says. Pulsed dye lasers take the redness out while softening the skin.

It feels like a rubber band snap, can be used anywhere on the face and body and you may require three to five sessions. “If you’re getting treatment for acne-related redness, and your acne is not under control, you may need additional sessions,” says Washington, DC, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD.

There is no downtime; your skin will be a little pink or red but only for a few hours at most.  Results are permanent as long as the cause of the redness is under control. 

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