Reverse Premature Aging

The sun’s ultraviolet rays trigger the pigment-producing melanosome cells (to make excess melanin), which leads to brown spots, blotches and uneven skin tone—all telltale signs that sun damage is surfacing on your skin. But there is a new way to stop the cycle. Fraxel’s latest non-ablative laser, the re:store Dual System, safely penetrates the skin down to the dermis to target fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and even precancerous lesions—and the company claims there’s less downtime and redness associated with this up-to-the-minute treatment. “This laser really helps refine the skin’s surface and helps minimize signs of photo-damage,” says Reno, NV, dermatologist Laura Ostezan, MD. “Plus, it stimulates collagen, which helps improve the appearance of sagging skin.”

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