The Liquid Lift: An Instant Makeover

At some point in time, lines and wrinkles trouble us all, which is where the “liquid lift” comes in. A quick fix that literally plumps up lines and erases wrinkles before your eyes, the “liquid lift” or “injectable facelift,” has become a mainstay youth rejuvenator, and for good reason, too. In order to maintain the results, San Francisco facial plastic surgeon David C. Mabrie, MD, says injections every six months are essential. “That way, you don’t let the results dissipate and you don’t have to start over with each session—we build on what’s already there.”

What can a Liquid Lift Do?

  • Erase lines
  • Define the cheeks
  • Balance the chin
  • Get rid of dark circles
  • Increase volume

What Can a Liquid Lift Not Do?

  • Eliminate excess skin 
  • Provide long-term results
  • Tighten skin
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