Permanent Filler

The Return of Permanent Filler: The permanent filler Artefill is available once again after a short-lived hiatus.Unlike other fillers, Artefill requires a skin test four weeks before treatment to make sure that you’re not allergic to it.

Spread out over the course of about three sessions, the injectable—which contains an anesthetic and microsphere- encapsulated collagen that the body doesn’t absorb—is best for correcting folds and wrinkles.

“With permanent fillers, it’s imperative to know that it could potentially cause problems with how your face will age since there is movement of the underlying structure but not of the product,” says Encino, CA, plastic surgeon George Sanders, MD.

While the results are immediate and have been clinically proven to last up to five years (even though the product label states 12 months) the only way to remove it, if you’re unhappy with the results, is to have it surgically removed.

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