VASER® Liposuction

A fat removal procedure that uses a technique called LipoSelection® which targets specific areas of the body. Ultrasonic waves break up and separate fat cells for removal, while leaving vital tissues unharmed. VASER Lipo is said to provide smooth, predictable results with fast recovery and minimal downtime.


Vavelta injects patients' faces with cells cultured from the foreskins of newborn babies (human dermal fibroblasts, or HDFs), which it says helps to permanently rejuvenate skin damaged by scarring or the aging process. 

Velashape II

A non-invasive, no downtime body contouring procedure that uses combined Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energies—known as elos™ technology—plus gentle suction and massaging action, to precisely target and safely heat problem fat chambers within the skin. The result is a smoother appearance of the skin's surface and reduction in the circumference of the treated area in as little as four treatment sessions.


An FDA-approved, painless cellulite-reducing treatment that employs a combination of radio frequency, infrared light and deep-tissue mechanical massage to break up fat, mobilize water from tissues and produce new collagen. 


Wafer-thin shells of porcelain that are bonded onto the front side of teeth to create a cosmetic improvement for a tooth. Porcelain veneers are routinely used by dentists as a way to make cosmetic changes for teeth that are discolored, worn, chipped or misaligned.

Volume Loss

As we age, the hollowing and sagging appearance which have a profound effect on the appearance of the mid face. Most people can see that they are looking older but do not recognize that volume loss is the reason that their face is beginning to "sink" and "sag."

V-shaped butt

Widely considered the least attractive butt shape, the V-shaped butt gets its look from the presence of more fat in the waist and outer thighs. This is also the most challenging shape from a surgical perspective.