Mesotherapy: Controversy and Risks

Mesotherapy: Controversy and Risks 

The Controversy

Standards For Treatment: There is no objective scientific data on how these treatments produce the reported effects, only theories. FDA approval The ingredients in lipodissolve are not FDA-approved for fat reduction or weight loss. The FDA occasionally issues warnings to some physicians who advertise mesotherapy on their Web sites and demands that the information be removed. The agency has also issued warnings to people known to import products such as Lipostabil because the FDA hasn’t approved the treatment in the U.S. the mix of ingredients Federal law allows doctors to have their lipodissolve cocktails made by compounding pharmacies, which make medications that are individually formulated to meet patient needs. But there is no standardized lipodissolve “recipe,” which means the mix can vary from doctor to doctor, and even between patients of one practitioner. Those opposed to its use believe that one of the dangers lies in never knowing what you’re getting injected with when you seek out treatment.

The Risks

Side effects after treatment include redness, bruising, temporary burning, pain or itching, and swelling at the injection sites that can last from a few days to a week.

Other complications can be caused by allergic reactions to the individual medications or severe infection caused by non-sterile injections or even the injected substances themselves.

High doses or high concentrations of PC have been associated with tissue death, and injecting PC too close to the surface of the skin can lead to this complication as well.

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