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Seeking to take the skills he provides and the services he offers to the next level, Dr. Peter D. Geldner is analytical and inquisitive, only integrating the advancements he feels will help heighten the care he can deliver. “There is a tendency to embrace the ‘next big thing’ as it becomes available, but that’s not what we do at The Geldner Center; we only integrate proven, educational and results-oriented technologies.&rdqu...

About Me

What can I do to enhance my body post-pregnancy?

For many women, after giving birth, it’s not uncommon for the body to change. Skin that was once taut is now lax; breasts that were once perky now sag; and formerly slim figures are now plagued by stub­born laxity that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Mommy makeovers, which consist of procedures aimed at targeting the breasts, abdomen, love handles and thighs, can synergistically give you back the body you once enjoyed.

Putting Patients First

“Whenever someone has more than one area that they would like improved, I ask myself how I can link these procedures together to maximize the patient’s experience. I work very hard to devise individualized treatment plans that reflect and incorporate the patient’s desired goals in a time-efficient and rational manner,” says Dr. Geldner, whose focus on the patient started when he was very young. At age 18, while working as a surgical orderly, he was preparing a young child for his upcoming skin graft to correct a severe burn injury. The younger Peter Geldner saw what had been previously grafted and found it unsightly. But to the child, the skin graft was his ticket to normalcy, erasing the injury from his body and his self-image. “I suddenly had incredible clarity, realizing that within plastic surgery, results are subjective. What matters is how patients see themselves after surgery and how it improves their well-being.”