Lasers vs. Chemical Peels

Despite the fact that both deep chemical peels and laser resurfacing treatments offer up similar results, it’s important to talk to your doctor about your skin type and skin concerns to determine which treatment is best for you. Both options focus on regenerating the skin, and improving fine lines, wrinkles and texture, but the way each works is quite different. “Laser resurfacing has a fixed penetration and the effect is enhanced by the number of passes, whereas the effect and penetration of chemical peels has to do with their concentration and the amount of time they are left in contact with the skin,” says New York plastic surgeon A. Peter Salas, MD. “The most important factor with both treatments is the comfort level and experience of the surgeon,” he says. Your doctor will also take into consideration your skin tone and thickness, as well as the depth and elevation of your wrinkles, to make an accurate recommendation.

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