Post-Breakout Scarring and Chemical Peels

Some pimples leave behind discoloration and/or scars. The reason: internal inflammation, which attacks the bacteria inside the pore as a means of defense. The more inflammation, the more likely the breakout is to scar. Some skin tones—usually those that are darker—inherently heal with increased pigmentation, leaving behind a dark spot. On the other hand, post-acne redness if the effect of an influx of blood vessels that are recruited to the acne site, acting as a repair mechanism. To address lingering pigmentation your dermatologist may suggest hydroquinone—or other skin brighteners like kojic or glycolic acids—to be used with retinol. A series of superficial chemical peels—salicylic acid ones are helpful for this purpose—or even pulsed-dye lasers can also be used. 

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