Conquer Aging With a Cheek Augmentation

A new trend on the anti-aging front is having facial procedures done at an earlier age than ever before. “It used to be that women had to ‘hit a certain age’ to undergo plastic surgery,” says La Jolla, CA, plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD. Times have changed as women think about surgery and treatments in their 30s, 40s and 50s leading many to ask: “Will surgery affect how I age?”

The cheeks probably won’t become as hollow and wrinkles and folds may not be severe.

Augmenting the cheeks can delay aging due to enhanced support. “The cheek has become a critical area to improve in an attempt to preserve youth since it is prone to deflation.” says Highland Park, IL, plastic surgeon Steven Bloch, MD. Fat and implants can give improvement to those with flat cheeks or those with hollowing. “Adding volume to the cheek area fills in hollows and folds, gives fullness and prevents gravity from pulling on the muscles so the cheeks won’t deflate to the same extent,” says New York facial plastic surgeon Andrew Jacono, MD.

Will You Need To Do It Again?

Possibly. “There’s always the possibility of a touch-up with either fat or an implant,” says Englewood, NJ, plastic surgeon Geoffrey Tobias, MD.

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