What Is A Browlift?

A browlift (also referred to as a forehead lift) is a surefire way to elevate the eyebrows to a more youthful position. The procedure can also decrease forehead lines and crow’s-feet and may diminish any hooding that might be occurring in the upper lid area. 

In most cases, a browlift is performed using an endoscope—a special surgical tool that has a video camera at the end. When an endoscope is used, the incision is made in the hairline at the temples (and sometimes in the upper eyelid crease) so that any scars will be almost undetectable once you are fully healed. This procedure can reposition eyebrows that are too low and bring them back to a more natural point. (Eyebrows that are naturally too high are a rare occurrence.)

The advantage of using an endoscope is that it allows your surgeon to manipulate the tissue and muscle without having to make large incisions. Another benefit to the endoscopic browlift is the need for only local anesthesia with sedation. Within a week or less, you’ll see a higher, more youthful-looking brow, and after about two to four weeks of initial swelling, the brow settles and begins to look more natural with a more youthful line.

If you have a low forehead or deep sagging that cannot be corrected without reducing excess skin, a traditional browlift, which uses a full or partial coronal incision across the crown of the head, within or at the hairline, may be in order.


You can look 10 years younger when your eyebrows are positioned to an elevated and feminine position. Repositioned eyebrows give a younger, fresher appearance because the eyes look wider and more alert.

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