Implant Shapes

Implants come in different shapes, like round or teardrop (also known as “anatomical”). Round implants, which are circular but flat, stick out from the body farther, making the breasts project more. Round implants are also good for those who want more fullness in the upper part of the breast. They are usually placed under the muscle and can give more fullness to the upper portion of the breast. Since round implants don’t move much, they almost always keep their round shape. 

Smooth round implants are the overwhelming choice of most surgeons because they tend not to wrinkle as much as textured implants. Plus, if they happen to rotate, the breast does not look abnormal. Smooth implants also reduce the risk of ALCL, which is a rare possiblity with textured implants.

Teardrop implants (sometimes called contoured), slope downward just like natural breasts, which in some patients makes them look more natural. Teardrop implants also have a textured shell—if the implant happens to rotate while in the breast, the breasts can become distorted. However, the sizes, widths and heights are limited. But they’re a great option for those who are narrow and want a lot of volume as they tend to not to be as full as a round implant. However, because of their shape, teardrop implants may provide better projection and a more natural look for some patients. They can potentially rotate, which may cause an unnatural distortion.

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