Factors That Cause Breasts To Look Unnatural

01 | Improper Proportion.

Choosing an implant (size and shape) that doesn’t look like it naturally belongs on your body can be a dead giveaway that your breasts are fake. It can also cause you to look top-heavy. The best way to avoid this is to select a size that looks like it naturally fits your body by trying on different sizes and profiles at your doctor’s office.

02 | Implant Placement.

If there is little tissue and body fat, placing the implant over the muscle can make the edges of the implant stick out and look “bolted on.” If the pocket is not made large enough to hold the implant, it can ride up and sit too high.

03 | Limited Choices.

 In the past few years, surgeons have become privy to more choices—in terms of fillers and types of implants— than in the past. Besides choosing between silicone and saline, there are also different profiles (how far the implant projects out from the body) available.

04 | Saline Implants. Overfilled saline implants, which retain their round shape, don’t mimic the look of natural breast tissue.


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