What Is A Lower Body Lift?

“Thong lift," "lateral tension lift," "circumferential lift," and "belt lipectomy": These terms and others describe the surgery that reshapes target zones, or the entire body from the waist area through the hips, by removing excess skin and reducing or redistributing fat.

Skin sags as gravity takes its toll after years of weight gain and loss, and fat begins to atrophy as well, causing the posterior to appear flat. In this case, a lower body lift improves and/or removes excess skin.

A lower body lift can address the tummy, love handles, flanks, buttocks, hips and thighs, individually or collectively. The result is more defined and proportionate contours with a smooth appearance and skin that conforms to your shape.

The procedure requires strategically placed incisions through which a plastic surgeon can reshape your body contours by reducing fat; lifting, tightening and shaping the underlying skin matrix; and smoothing and reducing the overlying skin.

If your skin doesn’t have enough elasticity, and your rear end looks a little deflated, a lower body lift is the only way to eliminate the excess skin and restore a tauter appearance. This procedure is essentially a more extensive tummy tuck that uses incisions along the upper area of the buttocks, as well as under the buttocks crease, so your surgeon can lift and rejuvenate the area. 

Depending on skin quality and the regions your lift will address, incisions could be limited or extensive. In general, patients are willing to accept the trade of visible scars for improved contour and shape.

The lifted shape of new and improved body zones is visible immediately after surgery, but contours, skin tone and scars will continue to refine for as long as six months to a year afterward. 

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