Q: I'm a working woman and want straighter teeth. Is Invisalign something that will make me look childish?

What our experts say:

Absolutely not. Invisalign is an extremely useful tool and it is something that I've found that is helping a tremendous amount of adults get the smile they want in a conservative manner. When the trays are in you really can't tell. We have 99 percent of our patients say that people can't tell they have them in. They don't perceive a difference when they talk at all. It is probably the very best tool for the majority of adults to get straighter teeth. And the benefit is you can use whitening gel with your trays so you can get a brighter smile too.

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Dr. Patrick J. Broome

Cosmetic Dentist

Charlotte, North Carolina

No, that's the beauty of Invisalign. It has clear trays that can be removed and you don't have to wear those braces and have that teenage appearance.

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Dr. Jenifer Back

Cosmetic Dentist

Sarasota, Florida