Q: Would you rather put fat in a face or Juvéderm, Restylane, Sculptra, or Radiesse?

What our experts say:

Depends on the face but in general, I am not a fan of fat. In my hands, it was unpredictable and lumpy so I stopped it and instead use products that are consistently the same thickness and duration. I like Juvederm for fine lines where I am trying to lift the skin up about 1 mm. I like Restylane and Perlane for thicker lines, lifting cheeks and filling tear troughs. It is wonderful in mid- thick skin. Sculptra is great to add volume in an area that has sunken in and restores a really youthful appearance to the cheeks and temples. I usually combine Sculptra with fillers. Radiesse is a thicker, white product that has great lifting capability. I like it for the hands, cheeks, temples and smile lines. I don’t like it for the tear trough, lips or fine line. Belotero is wonderful for superficial lines around the mouth and also a great product for the tear troughs. I also inject it into the fine lines of the forehead and chin. In Europe, they are using Voluma to lift. It is a thicker hyaluronic acid designed to lift the face.

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Dr. Kenneth Beer


West Palm Beach, Florida