Q: Are anti-aging results best achieved by removing wrinkles or tightening skin or a combination?

What our experts say:

It’s always a combination of restoring volume, resurfacing texture and filling those grooves and folds and then finally tightening the skin. Typically we use Botox to relax the muscles that are creating the dynamic line. We use the injectable fillers to fill grooves and folds and also restore volume to areas of atrophy where the volume has been lost. And then finally we use tightening devices to actually remodel the collagen or tighten the fascia underneath the skin. And we use lasers over the surface of the skin to smooth the pores and fine lines and to even out red blood vessels and brown spots.

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Drs. Tina Alster, Rebecca Kazin & Brenda L. Pellicane


Washington, District of Columbia