Q: I want to relax the wrinkles on my face and make my skin look tighter, should I use a filler like Juvéderm or a relaxer like Botox? Are there other brands or things I should consider?

What our experts say:

Consultation with an expert is the most important in this situation because there are different types of wrinkles. The first type is called dynamic wrinkles which means that when you wrinkle a muscle it creases the skin and then when you relax the muscle the wrinkle disappears. There are other types of wrinkles called etched or folds and those typically appear at rest whether or not you’re wrinkling a muscle and those are more difficult to treat. They typically require a combination of injectables and possibly laser resurfacing.

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Drs. Tina Alster, Rebecca Kazin & Brenda L. Pellicane


Washington, District of Columbia