Q: I want to relax the wrinkles on my face and make my skin look tighter. Should I use a filler like Juvéderm or a relaxer like Botox? Are there other brands or procedures I should consider?

What our experts say:

The answer here may be all of the above. If you do not have wrinkles at rest and you want to minimize the dynamic wrinkling of your brow, then using Botox or Dysport, a neurotoxin alone, would be all that you need. If you have lines that are there even at rest, when you are not actively frowning or moving your face, then you will likely need both a toxin and a filler. What I tell people is that if they have skin discoloration and a lot of wrinkling in areas that are not necessarily dynamic, say across your cheeks, then I think laser resurfacing is a nicer way to tighten and resurface the skin to give you an overall more youthful look.

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Drs. Tina Alster, Rebecca Kazin & Brenda L. Pellicane


Washington, District of Columbia