Q: How do you keep your lips puffy and plump?

What our experts say:

For people who try to overdo lips, it looks very fake. The number one answer to this is that the over-the-counter lip plumpers like the lip glosses that give you a tingly sensation actually work. They’re temporary but they do work. They help to increase blood flow to the lips. For a night out, they’re great. For longer lasting plumping you can use a small amount of filler, and hyaluronic acid is the best. Juvéderm is the best one to use in the lips because it’s the softest. The trick about natural-looking lips is to be conservative with how much is used. Small amounts are best because if you overfill them they can be very waxy and stiff looking.

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Drs. Tina Alster, Rebecca Kazin & Brenda L. Pellicane


Washington, District of Columbia

To date collagen has disappeared so there is no FDA-approved filler for the lips right now. Which is not to say that a doctor can't make the decision to use something like Juvederm or Restylane for lip enhancement because they are FDA-approved products but they were not studied in the lip. Restylane is close it should have already been approved for the lips. That's the one that's about to be approved at any moment for the lips. I think that the thing to make sure with the lips is to maintain facial proportions. The ideal lip, typically the upper lip should be about one-third of the volume of the total lip.

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Dr. Vivian Bucay


San Antonio, Texas