Q: What do you recommend to treat old acne scars?

What our experts say:

There are a lot different treatments and it often depends on the type of scar. Whether it’s a pitted scar or a sloping scar. We can use fillers to lift up scars. We can use Fraxel to take down the scars. We can do microdermabrasion a few times if the scars are very small. If the scar is very large, we may just take it out surgically and put stitches in. Chemical peels can also help. You really have to look at the patient in consultation and determine the type of scarring and the skin tone to determine the right treatment, which may be a little of everything.

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Dr. Rhonda Rand


Beverly Hills, California

In our clinic, we use a five-step process for the treatment of acne scars. First, I tell my patients that it is impossible to change a scar back into normal skin. Nevertheless, with acne scars, step one is we use Selphyl platelet-rich plasmas. This is where we take the patient's own serum containing concentrated cytokines, growth factors and platelets and gently inject right into the acne scars. We massage this in, and it starts collagen production in the area to fill it in naturally. At the one-month mark, spaced out every two weeks for the next four months, we do a series of saline injections. The saline, injected right into the scar, puts pressure on the fibroblasts that are already primed to produce collagen to increase the collagen production. Additionally, we use a Skin Active peel program and light pixel laser peels to continue and encourage ongoing improvement in acne scars. Finally, if there are any scars that are stubborn, we will inject a filling agent such as Restylane or Juvederm [off label] to complete the treatment cycle.
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Dr. Charles E. Crutchfield III


Eagan, Minnesota