Q: Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

What our experts say:

Everybody. I love Invisalign because you can have anything you want perfected, whether its one tooth that is out of alignment or the whole mouth. But, the patient has to wear them and follow instructions. I prefer Invisalign over crowns and veneers if there is nothing wrong their teeth. All it takes is a few months to move teeth to the right position. With veneers, they always have to be replaced. Invisalign can also be used for TMJ and bite-work. It’s a great tool for catching bite issues at an early stage so damage doesn’t get worse as they age. It also functions like a night guard which prevents them from grinding. I use Invisalign before I do anything else.  If you put teeth in the proper position it makes restorations look that much better. 


Dr. Irene Grafman

Cosmetic Dentist

New York, New York

Men and women who have crowded top anterior (front) or bottom teeth, or teeth that are a little angled (leaning forward or back towards the palate) or displaced. It works well with moderate to minor tooth movement. It can work well for major tooth movement, but that’s usually done in combination with wires, as opposed to just with trays. It can also be used for teeth that have gum lines that are not harmonious from right to left (such as if the gum is up higher on one tooth). We can move the teeth and the gum will move along with the tooth; however, there are times where gum surgery is required instead. 


Dr. Jason Kasarsky

Cosmetic Dentist

New York, New York

They best candidates are those that have a narrow arch with lots of crowding, or those who have a wide arch with lots of spacing; but that doesn’t eliminate others from being good candidates. It’s case by case. We take impressions, send them off and evaluate. Most adults can do it. It takes anywhere from 6 to 18 months for results, depending on how big the problem is. They now have new technology where they are placing better attachments and memory in the tray themselves which is shortening treatment time. 

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San Francisco, California

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