Q: What is a Snap-On Smile? Who is a good candidate?

What our experts say:

I think it is great for people who want to test-drive a smile. If someone is thinking of having veneers or crowns or any other major restorative work done, which is a big expense; they can try out their smile to see if they will like it and to make sure there are no issues, such as with the bite. It can also be used for someone who can’t afford such a huge case; for someone who wants a nicer smile for social occasions; or as a temporary for someone waiting for implant restoration. It’s not meant for everyday use all the time. If you are going to wear it for any extended period of time, we have to make sure the teeth and gums are fairly healthy. A Snap-On Smile can trap food and make unhealthy teeth worse.


Dr. Irene Grafman

Cosmetic Dentist

New York, New York

It’s an acrylic replication of your own teeth. It looks like you have your own teeth, snaps on to your own teeth and doesn’t cover the gums, but it’s appliance you take in and out of your mouth. It’s used for patients that are healing from bone enhancement, or for someone who wants a nicer smile for a special occasion, and there is not enough time or they can’t afford to go through the veneer process. We can design a Snap-On Smile to look like the veneers they are going to get, to see if they like it and if the bite is alright. It can also act as a space maintainer while someone is waiting for implants. It provides a longer-term way of temporizing when waiting for implants. It does give patients the feeling of their own teeth, it just looks better. They can eat with them and then take them out and clean them with an antibacterial solution you place in your teeth. It helps prevent the decay of your own teeth. You can sleep with it, but you do have to clean it after you eat and sleep. 

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Dr. Swati Agarwal

Cosmetic Dentist

San Francisco, California

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