Q: Do over-the-counter whitening strips work?

What our experts say:

I’ve seen them work on some patients, but it takes a long while for them to work so the patients have to keep using them which gets pretty expensive. It does work on patients with bigger or longer teeth. They are inconvenient, but if it works for you, and you don’t mind spending money, it’s an option.  An alternative option is the sensational white system, a 20 minute process that can be done after your cleaning, it costs under $200 and is a wonderful option right before a special event or even when you want to perk up your smile. 

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Dr. Swati Agarwal

Cosmetic Dentist

San Francisco, California

They do to maintain whiteness after another whitening treatment, but not to actually whiten because the concentration of bleach is not that high, just 7 percent. If you use them for three weeks, you will see a slight change. It works for those who already have white teeth to keep stain from coming back.


Dr. Irene Grafman

Cosmetic Dentist

New York, New York