Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

What our experts say:

My interaction with my patients before, during and after treatment is the best part of what i do.

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Dr. Min Ahn

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Westborough, Massachusetts

Following up with patients long-term and seeing how happy they are with their results is very exciting.

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Dr. Yadro Ducic

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dallas, Texas

I really like talking with patients about their cosmetic desires and having the artistic and surgical abilities to make that change.

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Dr. Phillip Chang

Plastic Surgeon

Leesburg, Virginia

I love sharing in the “Wow I look great!” moment every time a client looks at what we’ve done with their teeth. I am a steward of dental health; I treat my client’s teeth like I treat my own and maintain their beautiful smile.

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Dr. Swati Agarwal

Cosmetic Dentist

San Francisco, California

I enjoy helping patients achieve their dreams.

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Dr. Sanjay Grover

Plastic Surgeon

Newport Beach, California

Performing surgery. It can help greatly improve one's life. I also enjoy the interaction with patients and look forward to hearing how surgery helped change their lives for the better.


Dr. Mary Herte

Plastic Surgeon

Las Vegas, Nevada

I love hearing satisfied patients say, 'I'm glad I did it!'

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Dr. Michael Horn

Plastic Surgeon

Chicago, Illinois

I love the craft of plastic surgery.

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Dr. David P. Rapaport

Plastic Surgeon

New York, New York

I’m passionate about bringing innovation and art to the practice of plastic surgery. I focus on developing new techniques and procedures to constantly raise the bar and deliver the best patient outcomes I can. 

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Dr. Bradley Bengtson

Plastic Surgeon

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The unveiling after a rhinoplasty—when I take the cast off and see a patient cry out of happiness—is the most fantastic feeling.

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Dr. David W. Kim

Facial Plastic Surgeon

San Francisco, California

If I ever win the lottery, I will still enjoy being a dermatologist. I love the creativity of cosmetic dermatology, the problem solving of skin cancer treatments and the science behind skin-care products. What I do every day is fun, and I enjoy every single aspect of it. 

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Dr. Kenneth Beer


West Palm Beach, Florida