Q: What is the best non-invasive treatment for the under-chin area?

What our experts say:

Depending on the severity of the concern and how committed you are to seeing an improvement, there are a full array of options for treatment. Creams such as Nectifirm are minimally effective and best for minor concerns, while neck and face lifts will provide the most dramatic improvement. Non-invasive treatments that produce great results include the Endymed 3Deep and Intensif devices. Endymed 3Deep delivers focused, high-intensity radio frequency (RF) energy to the area under the chin to sculpt unwanted fat and tighten the skin painlessly, with multiple treatments. Intensif delivers the RF energy through a gold-tipped microneedling process. If one is willing to venture into the "minimally invasive" procedures to achieve a more dramatic, more immediate result, I'd recommend Smartlipo Precision. This minimally invasive, multiple laser procedure requires only a single 4mm hole under the chin. I would follow Smartlipo immediately with a fractional, non-ablative laser to the surface of the skin also. Downtime for Smartlipo treatment is typically just a day or two.
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