Q: What's the best way to treat sun damage?

What our experts say:

It depends on the person’s skin type and the type of sun damage. We use everything from skin-care lines that have bleaching agents and alpha hydroxy acids, laser treatments and chemical peels. But the individual’s needs always guide the treatment. For example, someone with lot of redness on the skin would not benefit from a chemical peel. They would probably need IPL treatment.

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Dr. Tami Buss Cassis


Prospect, Kentucky

The best way to treat sun damage is with a combination approach such as a topical medication / cosmeceutical (Retin A and vitamin C are two that come to mind) and a light source or laser. For light sources, I recommend Intense Pulsed light or Photodynamic therapy (using a dye with an activation light). For laser, I like the fractionated CO2 or fractionated non ablative laser (Fraxel is one good example of this).

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Dr. Kenneth Beer


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