Q: Which fillers can help patients look younger?

What our experts say:

The latest fillers such as Juvéderm Voluma XC are allowing us to use more of a global approach and treat areas of the face such as the mid-face and cheek, that we couldn’t really before.

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Dr. Tami Buss Cassis


Prospect, Kentucky

Dermal fillers can be looked at like tools in a toolbox. All of them are designed to make patients look younger, but their effects are largely determined by who is using them. A master carpenter can make a beautiful house with a few key tools, but a master pianist cannot. Conversely, a master pianist can create profound, moving music on something as simple as a ukelele’ while a master carpenter cannot. The point of this is that each medical specialty has its great strengths. One of the great strengths in Plastic Surgery is that we possess an interest in aesthetics and rejuvenation early in our training, and then seek to perfect our interest over the course of our focused training, and our careers. I can honestly say that in my hands, all fillers can be used to make patients look younger, but they must be used in the appropriate manner and in the appropriate place. Radiesse does not belong in the lips, but it is incredibly effective in the cheek. Juvederm does not belong in the lower eyelid, but it is incredibly effective in the lips and nasolabial folds, and on and on. Appropriately used fillers in appropriately trained hands will durably and safely make patients look younger.

Dr. Alan J. Durkin

Plastic Surgeon

Vero Beach , Florida

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