Q: How is breast augmentation a better procedure today than it was years ago?

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Not only are the implants far sturdier and less prone to leakage, but we also have a much better understanding of how to minimize complications from surgery.

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Dr. George Sanders

Plastic Surgeon

Encino, California

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures perfomed with over 300, 000 of them done in the US each year.  One of the most significant advances has been improvement in both the materials and the design of the implants themselves. With current technology there is lower risk of capsule contracture, rupture, and rippling and other surface irregularities, and this all translates to a lower likelihood of returning to the OR for problems.  There are also improvements in the design of the implants such that we now have shaped form-stable implants as well as round implants, and we have more than one company making them with slight variations between them.  The fact that there are now three implant manufactures in the US has helped create competition and disruptive change, and this advances the science and technology of the implants.  Furthermore, each company offers very robust "warranty" programs for their implants, and this makes the operation less of a financial risk too.  Little has changed in the landscape of saline implants, in fact, I would say they are sort of fading out; at least they are in my practice.  The silicone gel filled implants have improved dramatically, though.  In addition to the implants themselves, I would also say that our understanding of the anatomy of the breast and the techniques of breast augmentation have evolved and become more refined.  Even advances like the Keller funnel have improved the way we do the operation.  We have more ways to deal with differnet types of bodies and situations and more ways to deal with complications like capsule contracture too.  All in all, I think that if you look at the details of breast augmentation instead of just considering it as a "commodity" - merely putting in an implant to make the breasts bigger - you will find that the operation has improved dramatically over what it was, even 10 years ago.

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Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz

Plastic Surgeon

San Diego, California

Breast augmentation is currently the most common aesthetic surgical procedure undertaken in the United States. There have been a number of factors that have contributed to this growth over the last two decades. The primary reason is re-introduction of a safer type of silicone breast implants. The new silicone implants are based upon a technology that was not available before the 1990’s, and this new technology has resulted in greater patient satisfaction, and an increased overall safety profile. Unlike predecessor implants which had liquid silicone, cohesive gel implants tend to have better overall safety and durability as compared to their predecessors. Furthermore, there are now three major implant manufacturers in the breast implant arena, and the introduction of competition into the marketplace has increased both options for patients and surgeon, as well as more affordable options. There have also been great advancements in the technique of breast augmentation, and on our understanding of what does and does not improve breast aesthetics. Board certified plastic surgeons spend years refining their technique for augmentation both in training and while in practice. This emphasis over the last decades has resulted in safer procedures with better outcomes. As well, we have pioneered new advancements in the field, such as the “no touch technique”, “dual plane breast augmentation”, different profiled implants, textured anatomic implants, and the use of fat grafting in the breast. Lastly, introduction of the Keller Funnel, and endoscopic approaches have limited the amount of scarring and tissue stress experienced by the patient during the procedure. These advancements, as well as hundreds of others, have allowed breast implantation to become a reliable, durable, and safe procedure for the population at large.

Dr. Alan J. Durkin

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