Q: How long should I wait to get pregnant after undergoing liposuction and breast lift surgery?

What our experts say:

One should generally wait at least three months following cosmetic surgery to attempt to get pregnant in order to give your body the time it needs to heal and prepare itself for pregnancy.  Scars may potentially worsen if one becomes pregnant soon after surgery as the increased estrogen can worsen scars.

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Dr. Sanjay Grover

Plastic Surgeon

Newport Beach, California

Once you are healed and off all medications, you should be safe to attempt to get pregnant.  However, if you are anxious to have another pregnancy as soon as possible, it might be smart to wait until all of the negative fat deposit and skin stretching effects of that pregnancy are completed  and you are in a resting phase between pregnancies or totally finished with your babies before going forward with your surgery.  Especially in terms of breast lift, each pregnancy will cause re-stretching of the breast skin and then loss of the pregnancy and breast feeding volume of the breast causing skin laxity and drooping again.  Each subsequent pregnancy may (or may not) require additional lifting to keep your breasts looking their best.  Hormonal changes of pregnancy, as well as the weight gain that goes along with any normal pregnancy, can cause shifts in your  fatty deposits and may also unbalance your figure despite the most beautiful pre-pregnancy liposuction results.  Additional liposuction contouring may be required post pregnancy.


Dr. Mary Herte

Plastic Surgeon

Las Vegas, Nevada