Q: It is posible to get the Ulthera in one week and in 3 months get the Thermage... it does not enterfere one with the other? is it dangerous in any way? the thermage still works?

What our experts say:

Ultherapy involves using microfocused ultrasound waves for targeted treatment of muscles and deep layers of the skin to increase collagen production. This produces tightening AND lifting of the skin. In fact, Ulthera is the only device that is FDA approved for nonsurgical lifting of the brow, lower face, the area under the chin/jawline as well as the neck. Thermage uses radiofrequency to heat underling tissues to tighten the treated area. There is no danger in having the 2 treatments 3 months apart. However, the results of Ulthera may take 6 months to be fully visible, so doing a second treatment using a different energy too soon may not allow you to see the full benefits of the first treatment.

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