Q: How are cheek and chin implants inserted?

What our experts say:

Most can be inserted internally, inside the mouth, so they can’t be seen.


Dr. Andrew Jacono

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Great Neck, New York

These have been around a long time. It's far more common to use a chin implant to augment the chin, than it is for cheek implants to augment the cheeks. The chin implant procedure can be performed by itself, or sometimes, along with a rhinoplasty to gain better balance of the face in a patient. It is most commonly placed through a small incision under the chin that is hidden in a small crease, so it is not visible. Some physicians use an intraoral approach, where they go behind the lower lip to access the actual chin. Cheek implants, when used are inserted on the inside of th top lip, and placed over the bone. The reason cheek implants are used less often than in past is because the skin is thinner and there is not so much soft tissue coverage. I worry that there is a great potential to great an artificial look, and instead, turn toward a filling procedure using fat or other fillers that work as multiple layers under skin to enhance the area without creating an artificial look.
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