Q: Can veneers be replaced?

What our experts say:

Yes, veneers can be replaced.  Many times the gum recedes and creates a gap between the edge of the veneer and the gum line.  The veneer can be removed and the tooth can be prepared to the gum line and a new veneer can be made to cover what was showing before.

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Dr. Sam S. Sadati

Cosmetic Dentist

Wellington, Florida

In my professional opinion, venners like everything else in life will age and they may even fail with time. If venners move, the effect is often breakage.  If the gum line seems to move away from venners, and the margins of the veneers trap food, it does suggest retreatment.  Venners are kept in place by very thin cement which with time can breakdown if not maintained, cleaned or not protected from excessive load during biting or chewing, griding or clenching. However, venners can only be properly bonded to enamel not dentin, therefore, depending on how much enamel there is after the old veneers have been removed dictates if you would be a candidate for new venners or crowns.  Of course, clinical evaluation and radiographic diagnosis would finalize the treatment options available.

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Dr. Claudia Cotca

Cosmetic Dentist

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Absolutely Veneers can be replaced. They can very carefully be removed and reprepped. After decay removal and soft tissue repositioning ( ideal even gum sculpting is completed) the new Veneers can be designed. If these steps are completed your new Veneers will look even prettier than the first ones. The technology for porcelains has advanced and your teeth will look even more Natural, Beautiful and Healthy.

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Dr. Swati Agarwal

Cosmetic Dentist

San Francisco, California

Yes, veneers can be replaced.  It is a very good idea to replace them when there is gum ressesion and food trapping as these conditions can lead to gum problems and even catavities forming.  New veneers, placed properly can keep the mouth healthy and clean.

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Dr. Guy M. Lewis

Cosmetic Dentist

Houston (The Woodlands), Texas

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