Q: Home vs Professional Microdermabrasion (Diamond Tome)

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The home systems are more gentle and do not do as much. The good part is that they are not as likely to get you into trouble.

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Dr. Kenneth Beer


West Palm Beach, Florida

There is a difference between home microdermabrasions as well as medical and spa microdermabrasions. Home microdermabrasions are much weaker. The suction power and abrasions capabilities are reduced. This means it would take multiple treatments to even begin to approach the results that would be attained from a medical office. Furthermore, spa microdermabrasion units are weaker than medical units. The FDA prohibits medical quality equipment from being utilized without medical oversight. It is interesting to keep this in mind, as prices between medical and spa versions might be quite similar. Dollar for dollar, it is far better to have the procedure performed in a medical practice.

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Dr. Ruth Hillelson

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