Q: Is it possible for the breast to get bigger after surgery?

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I assume you are asking about after 'breast augmentation surgery'?  if that is the case, the patient's breast tissues can certainly change in size over time.  The breast tissue is made up of breast glandular tissue and fat with varying degrees of each in each individual patient.  The amounts of breast tissue (gland) versus fat can also change over time based on patient's age and overall body fat.  Generally speaking as women age, more and more of the glandular tissue is replaced by fatty tissue.  Also as weight changes (body fat increases or decreases, the breast volume can also change in relation)  Therefore, with increased body fat, the breasts can increase in size.  Of course with pregnancy / lactation - breasts will also increase in size temporarily.

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Your breast tissues can still respond to the same factors that any other normal breast tissue will respond to after breast augmentation surgery.  Thus, hormonal changes, such as with pregnancy, breastfeeding or hormone treatments, or  weight gain can all cause some increase in the size of your breasts.  Some of these changes may be temporary, while some of them may be permanent.  This is one of the reasons why I advise my paients that while it is uncommon for ladies to have reoperation on their breasts in the future for this reason, it is not unheard of, and no breast augmentation should be thought of as an absolutely permanent thing that can't change over time or that won't ever need to be altered or corrected for some reason in the future.

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