Q: I had saline breast implants done 17 years ago, and they are beginning to sag. What is the average cost to have new implants done, and will I also need a breast lift done at the same time?

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Although a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is required for a proper answer to your question, here are a few general thoughts. You may wish to consider silicone implants as they have some advantages over saline. The average cost depends on many factors, but something in the neighborhood of $8,100 for new silicone implants plus an additional $1,500 - 2,500 for a breast lift, depending on the type of lift needed. For saline implants, subtract $500 from the price.

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Saline implants can sometimes cause stretching in the lower poles of the breast. More common factors that would cause sagging are having children and age. The cost for a Removal and Replacement breast augmentation will differ from doctor to doctor and demographic area. The size of implant you choose and the possible need for a lift can also change the surgery cost. For instance if you choose a smaller implant, the pocket created for your current implant may need to be revised or if you require a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation your cost will change. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will help you understand more clearly what procedures you will need to meet your needs and expectations.

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