Q: I have a fear of teeth whitening.

What our experts say:

Although stories can be exaggerated, I am sure that some folks have severe sensitivity after tooth whitening.  Please keep in mind that the percentage is minimal. Tooth whitening is the #1 cosmetic treatment procedure in North America.  Make sure your dental professionals examine your teeth and gum tissue prior to beginning any whitening treatment.  Is there any decay? Are there areas of recession? Any leaking old fillings or margins that are not sealed well?   Are there fractures in teeth? These points are just a few that may end up creating problems during a whitening procedure.   Red wine- After whitening, any kind  of whitening, the tooth surface can become porous. Different grades of porosity on different people. Therefore, the rule of thumb is no red wine for at least 48 hours.  Use a straw if you must. Minimize the contact of the red wine with the tooth.  If you desire whiter teeth for the wedding…… “just do it”…… be smart and put your vision in the hands of a doc that you trust.


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