Q: My doctor says during the next few months my implants will move upwards to give me a full roundness at the top of my breasts. How does this happen?

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There is a typical healing process after breast surgery that may occur over a few weeks to a few months.  The position of breast implants tends to lower over this healing period as the skin, muscle, and tissues stretch to accomodate the implants.  If an implant appears to 'rise' during the first few months after surgery, this may actually indicate a problem and should be addressed by the operating surgeon.  An important part of breast surgery is the attention a patient receives during the postoperative period to determine the individualized care that is needed to assure the best possible result for each patient.  To address the question more specifically, it is unlikely that the upper breast will develop  more fullness during the healing process as the implants will tend to settle more and not rise.  Of course, specific concerns should be addressed with the operating surgeon as they have the most information regarding one's specific case.  

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Dr. Sean Simon

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Typically breast implants tend to settle a bit after surgery, and the slight overcorrected fullness at the upper pole that is often seen tends to decrease as tissues loosen up and soften. Thus, it is very unusual for the implants to migrate upwards and create more fullness over time.  That is, unless there is some capsule contracture, in which case what we typically see is firmness or hardness of the involved breast(s), increased roundness of the breast shape, and increased fullness in the upper part of the breast.  However, this is not the desired kind of fullness usually.  If you feel as though your breasts aren't full enough after augmentation, you may need to revisit the issue with your surgeon and consider larger implants, higher profile implants, or a lifing procedure to increase the tone of the breasts.

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