Q: What should I expect in terms of recovery after liposuction?

What our experts say:

I think it’s key that after the procedure you use the compression garments. I consider it 50 percent of the treatment. Many people don’t wear them all the time or long enough. I like my patients to wear them 24 hours a day for three weeks and then at night (about 12 hours) for an additional three weeks. It is uncomfortable, but it’s a huge part of liposuction. The results are definitely gradual, meaning they get better over time. Patients should know that immediately after the procedure they are going to be a little swollen and puffy. It’s not until they shed all that water weight that the results really start to be visible. Patience is important.


Dr. Ritu Chopra

Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, California

It’s very volume dependent, meaning the more fat that’s removed, the longer it’s going to take to recover. Compression is a big part of recovery. Most of our patients recover fairly quickly. They can do brisk walking within a week and higher impact aerobic exercise and some weight lifting within two weeks. You have to be vigilant in following the doctor’s instructions for post-op care if you want the best results.


Dr. Andrew Ordon

Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills, California

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