Q: What are the advantages of no-prep veneers?

What our experts say:

The obvious advantage is that you don’t have to remove any of the enamel, so your teeth are not altered. Some people like the security of knowing that if something were to happen in the future, then they could have them taken off and it would be like they had never done anything to their teeth. It’s more conservative, which patients like. I developed my own type of no-prep veneers called G. Lewis Veneers, and I did that because there are others on the market that I didn’t feel looked very good. So I developed these to be more lifelike and precise. I was concerned about them being too bulky, but when I committed to creating G. Lewis Veneers, I was surprised at how thin we could make them.

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Dr. Guy M. Lewis

Cosmetic Dentist

Houston (The Woodlands), Texas