Q: Are there risks with using botulinum toxins?

What our experts say:

I have been using Botox for a long time and have never experienced anything bad with my own patients. Some get headaches, some people feel tightness, or a heavier sensation, but it’s all very transient. The main problem is that it is so popular to inject nowadays; so there are doctors who are not trained or who are poorly trained injecting it, and they are causing complications. They can drop a patient’s eyelid or eyebrow. I truly feel that Botox is one of the biggest breakthroughs we have in medicine, but you have to know the facial skin and musculature. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists should be the only ones injecting it. Its very operator-controlled based on the experience the injector has.

Lima Nb31

Dr. Janice Lima Maribona


Miami, Florida